Why Ghostbusters is one of the greatest movies of all time


I make no reserves that I think Ghostbusters is one of the best films of all time,Raiders of the Lost Ark being THE greatest of all time, but do you know WHY I think that? Well here’s 5 good reasons.

5. The song. Face it. You were humming it out of the theater.
It was the catchiest tune back then, but not like a musical earwig. It was a fun little song.
Like “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”Or “That Thing You Do”, which was used several time in
the same-named movie, but it really didn’t get old. It was fun.
Also, don’t forget the great music video that had cameos by Chevy Chase,
Danny Devito, Carly Simon and even a
not so political Al Franken.
4. The writing. Bar none, Ghostbusters is one of the greatest written comedies ever.
The lines are delivered with complete talent and anyone, ANYONE can enjoy it. There’s no
political slant or timely references. You could play this movie in 2034 and people would still
get all the jokes. Kids and adults both can watch and laugh at the same thing without either
being talked down to.
3. Teamwork. It didn’t matter if Ray screwed up and conjured up a 50 foot Marshmallow
Man or if Egon just thought of another safety tip, these guys had each others backs at
all times. In fact, one of the best things to come out of the Ghostbusters video game is
the fact that, if a team mate gets knocked down, it’s your job to go help him up to fight
again.These guys hung out together, worked together and knew each other well enough
to make one of the greatest teams of all time.
2. It stands the test of time. I love 80’s movies, but let’s face it. Not all of the age well.
I love Micheal Keaton and I love Batman. When that movie hit theaters, it was like the
Second Coming. Shirts, books, figures. It was like Star Wars all over again. And it was.
Batman was AWESOME, but looking back now, try to watch it with all those Prince songs
in your head. And for every Breakfast Club, there’s a Howard the Duck.At least with
Ghostbusters, it’s not filled with rap music (remember, we’re talking about 1, not 2) or
Reagan jokes. It also has escaped the “re-touched” illness that some movies are getting.
It’s not getting released with different effects or missing scenes. It is what it is.
1. The old guys win. In a World of young Jim Kirks, young Fast and Furious guys and a
young Spider-Man, it’s good to see some guys over the age of 30 fighting off evil and
defeating the bad guy without having to be hip or cool to do it. And ya, they did it way
before Indiana searched for Crystal Skulls and Bruce Willis Lived Free and Died Hard.

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