DC Rebirth – Here We Go Again Part 1

I have a Love/Hate relationship with DC comics.

When I was growing up, I read nothing but DC. I read one Marvel comic which was Amazing Spider-Man, but the rest were nothing but DC. All the Superman titles, all the Batman titles, Flash, Wonder Woman and especially Justice League International and America. I loved everything DC.

Then the writing staff of DC at the time, decided to throw away Maxwell Lord’s history and “change” him into a villain, making it the laziest and most pathetic choice ever.

Then they shot Blue Beetle, had Booster Gold leave the present, kill Rocket Red and basically destroy the league I loved.

I walked away and never looked back. I made my home in the house of Marvel after that for years.

Then the new DC52 came along and I gave it a shot. That didn’t last long either. The comics started out good, especially Aquaman, but later on, they gave the feeling that they should have been given away with action figures sold at Target. The art was more of a “house” feel, as all the titles seemed to have the same look without much originality.

So here we are again. REBIRTH is another try at boosting sales by returning their heroes to the universe they were originally in, with slight changes because that happens when you go through time and back.

This time? I may be back because they do show promise, so here’s my semi-non-spoiler review of some of the recent titles.


BATMAN starts out a little different then most times we’ve been welcomed back to Gotham. Have you ever seen the most cliched scene of Superman saving the city from a falling airliner? Ever wondered how Batman would do it?

Well here’s your chance because because due to some terrorist activities, an airliner is about to crash into a crowded park and it’s up to Batman (and Alfred) to save everyone. The comic gives a false sense of dread, because let’s face it, they aren’t going to kill off Batman in the first issue, but it ends with a mystery, which looks like it could put Batman back on the underdog list.

I thought it was a lot of fun as long as you don’t question the science of it too much. Just sit back and think, “It’s Batman, so of course he can do this”.

The strangest part of the comic, I thought, was if you look hard, you can see Gordon lighting a cigarette, something Marvel has even stopped doing. And don’t get me started on Constantine.


FLASH has always been a favorite of mine. It’s just so simple. A simple superpower, small cast,  easy to get into.

Though sadly, this didn’t do much for me. A lot goes on and it seems to be trying to tie up the DC52 Flashpoint stuff as well as whats going on now in the new Universe. There’s too much being thrown out to keep up. Maybe that’s the key that I missed. Everything feels rushed, like the writer himself is running out of time. Hopefully things slow down a little and start making sense, but I will say, if the art doesn’t get better, there’s really no reason to go back for me.



AQUAMAN has always had a small, but faithful following and he deserves it. There’s never been anything really wrong with Aquaman, but there’s not really been anything special about him either.

This time around, we see that he’s building a country of sorts in his kingdom as he has added a special building for missions along with a special forces brigade to help guard Atlantis. Mera plays a little bigger role this time around and we see that, everything Aquaman does, Mera merely puts up with. She’s not really excited to save the upper world, but will continue to do  so because her king thinks they should. A not-to-big-of-a -surprise ending with an overused villain, but all in all, a good read and exactly what I opened with. Nothing wrong, but nothing special.


GREEN ARROW seems to have the same type of following. Small but strong. I’ll admit I did not care for the New 52, younger Ollie. Here, Ollie is more middle aged and professional than before. He doesn’t seem to be as old as he was before the New 52, but he seems just the right age when he comes along a woman named Dinah Lance for the first time.

The story involves the selling of homeless women and children. A cliche used many times, but lets face it, it works. The killing of innocence and the overused power of the rich are touched on with a no holds barred story line with great, simple art and seeing Ollie searching for the bad guys with Dinah at his side feels fun and adventurous. I really hope they can keep this feel because it could be the break out title and gain Ollie some new fans.


WONDER WOMAN must hold the record for origin stories and this is no different. We see, again, life on the island, but this time, things may not be what they have seemed in her past. It’s hard to review without giving anything away, but what I can say is, if you’re willing to read a story with a slow burn, give it a shot.



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