Why Would You Post That?

Some of you may have seen a post I recently did from my instgram account with a “parent rant”, but then i deleted it soon after.
Now some have asked why.
Early this morning i was checking some comments on some photos/ videos i have posted. On one video that is my daughter singing, a rude comment was left.
I emailed this person, but not before i took a screenshot of their profile and their comment, then posted it under “parent rant” where i explained how there are REAL people behind each and every profile and photo.
Being mean or rude as you anonymously hide behind a computer isn’t right and it isn’t, shouldn’t, be normal.
I emailed this person about what they had done and the impact it could have.
He immediately emailed me back, explaining he was sorry and was having a rough week. Afterwards, we had a nice talk.
As soon as he understood there was a real person behind those photos, his attitude changed.
I deleted the screenshot because I thought it was unfair to this person to face any Internet mob, since they apologized and understood.
I won’t sit here and preach that I’ve never done it, but all this selfie thing has shown me, (especially reading the comment section in a Chewbacca Mom post. Geez, people. She laughed. Why so serious? ) that we need to understand, saying a personal video or photo someone posted of themselves, “sucks”, or “I’m just giving negative feedback so you know” or “this person can’t sing” or “your art needs a lot of work”, JUST KNOW, that “this person” may have posted it.
That “this person ” you’re talking about like they arent in the room, may be reading those comments.
That by posting something negative on THEIR creation, IT WILL BE READ.
It will be also be felt.
I also noticed earlier this week, a female friend posted a video and underneath, men were posting statements like “show me more”. ” show me your legs”.
Why is this ok? Why aren’t more people telling these cavemen that this is 2017 now?
We’re almost getting our own flying cars and people are going to land on Mars soon.
This strange way some people have of seperating real people and considering them almost like a character from a tv show, while also thinking there’s no problem posting obscene statements, needs to stop.
It’s not just people who may have some type of mental problems. It can be any person at any time.
Robots aren’t posting things out of the blue. REAL people are.
Real people with personal feelings and emotions.
(And those people are a HECK of a lot braver than others. I mean, who’s braver? Someone who creates something personal and posts it for the world to see or someone sitting in front of a computer screen all day, posting how bad they think it is?)
I’m not saying everyone needs to run around and start posting positive things all the time. You don’t have to be the one and only Smiling Internet Guru of Positivity.
Just know, you don’t have to post ANYTHING either.
There’s no law that says people are interested in everything you say.
I’ve looked. Trust me.
It’s very easy to see something, not like it and just keep on walking by.
Be it art, a photo or video. If it’s something positive someone has created, why tear it down?
It doesn’t work towards making you a better person or even making you feel better.
I know. I’ve been there too. Don’t fool yourself. People won’t think your cooler or smarter by “going against the grain” and being that one person who “bravely” says how something personal from you, isn’t good.
People hate that guy. They really do.
In this day of terrible role models who feel its ok to “grab women” or make fun of disabled people, we need to fight harder and more fiercely against these feelings and these types of people.
I’ve seen people made fun of for “white knighting” others.
We can’t be drug down into their level of “club them and drag them by the hair” mentality.
If you see something, say something.
Fight the good fight.


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