Has It Really Come To This?

This is Barren Trump. The child of Donald Trump. This child has recently come under attack by people who have never met him and, from what I can tell, sold their soul for a keyboard and Internet connection.

You can make fun of Trump. You can make fun of Obama. These are adults and like all adults, should be able to take it, but once you start insulting and hating a 10 year old child, you are, in no uncertain terms, a person with no values, common sense or social skills.
You are, in my world, an Un-person. A person who exists, but in a world I don’t care or what any part of.
You’re not being funny. You’re not being edgy. You’re not being the cool person going against the grain.
I’ve seen the horrific things people say about my daughter, who have never even met her. They insult her with brutal statements, only to quickly delete any posts, like a coward, when confronted by me or someone who has to remind them that she is an actual person with feelings.
My daughter is one of the strongest people I know, because she takes a lot of crap from strangers because of me. It’s MY fault we went viral, yet she takes the brunt of the crude, savage attacks by people calling her “slut” or “attention hog”.
She takes those attacks and I’ve seen the effects on her.
Most every single person I’ve messaged and explained to them about who we are, back down, delete posts or say “sorry”, which is the only reason I still do the stupid things I do.
A good 98% of the people who see our posts, get it.
They see the fun we have. They understand and have the common sense and wisdom to see that we’re just a family having fun.
If at any point it became dangerous for her, I’d shut it all down in a heartbeat. Know that.
Having followers isn’t as important as the safety of your family.
This is what I’ve fought since June. This type of insulting by keyboard trolls. The feeling of anonymity when you’re behind a computer. How you can look at someone on a screen and not realize they are an actual person.
I’ve never said anything on the internet I wouldn’t say to someones face, yet a lot of people feel they are “allowed”. That they have a right to be mean. And they do. It’s their right to type what they want.
But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.
This is no different than the people who feel its ok to insult my daughter. The people insulting this child just for being in a certain family, I’m sure have never met him and would never speak to him like that to his face.
And if they actually did, well, my first statement stands.
You’re a person with no values, common sense or social skills. If that’s the way you want to live though, have at. Just don’t expect the rest of us to accept you as a normal human being.
If you dislike Trump, fine. Insult away. He’s an adult.
When you insult a child though, for just being a child?
It’s time to take a look at yourself and say, “Yeah, I COULD type that, but SHOULD I? Maybe I should just scroll on past and insult that chubby dad who dresses like his daughter. He’s an adult and can probably take it.”
#fightthegoodfight #selfiedad




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