The ARRIVAL Movie Screwed Me Up

I just finished watching the fantastic movie, The Arrival, as opposed to the “what?” Charlie Sheen movie, The Arrival. (#winning.)

Now I’m messed up.


So if you’re reading past my warning, I take it you’ve seen the movie and if you haven’t, well, ok, if that’s your thing, you’re weird.

The Director plays with past, present and future like a gambler with trick dice. In other words, it looks like everything is on the up and up but he knows exactly what’s coming and you don’t.We’re just a big, dumb guest from out of town who just walked in and laid all of our money down on one throw.

If you’re one of those people who feels superior to others by saying “I saw it coming all along.”, not only are you lying, but I’m afraid the only gold star you are getting is going to be rolled up really tight and shoved in your UFHole.

The movie shows the future as flashbacks, where Amy Adams has a child who eventually dies of cancer.

Later in the movie, we learn that the aliens (by the way, aliens land) and as she works to understand their language, we find out time has no meaning to them and its brushing off on Amy. She sees visions which we believe are flashbacks, but instead, she can see the future, she’s just not aware of that until later.

Now, go ahead and enjoy all the rest of the movie. The cool aliens from The Mist, Forest Whitaker and Hawkeye from Avengers are all great.

I’m here to talk about two things.

  1. The movie will make you sad because here are aliens trying to give us a gift, the gift of time, and all we can do is think about weapons and war. While I realize these characters are there to make you feel upset, they aren’t far off from real people in power. It’s 2017 and by this point in our life, we should be smarter. We should be living the Star Trek future, but it seems Running Man is going to be the theme of our humanity.With the marches and riots going on right now, its hard to think we’ll move past this.
  2.  The choice. Amy Adams knows full well if she has a child, it will grow up and develop cancer, which kills her around 14, maybe 15 years old.

We see her loving and having fun with her daughter. She truly loves her and feels she made the right choice because she knows about the good times they will have.

There is also a scene where we find out Amy gets divorced because her husband leaves, not being able to take the news that their child will die soon. The child says, “Daddy doesn’t look at me the same anymore.”


My wife didn’t see the movie and I couldn’t really post spoilers all over Facebook, so here I sit, stewing in questions of “What would I do?”

You absolutely know that your child will die of cancer. Heart wrenching, painful cancer that slowly eats their body and soul.

Do you still have a child?

Isn’t that selfish of you? When you have a child and think about the good times, great, but did you have a child JUST for those times?

Or does the child appreciate it? Does the child live a full life? Do they truly enjoy life because the parent gives them everything possible?

I fall into the category of “No.”

There’s no way I could make a child go through all that pain just so I could have some good times.

Buy a puppy.

Don’t do that to a child.

Am I wrong? I’m not talking about aborting a child because you found out something was wrong. I’m talking about not even trying because you know the outcome.

Am I wrong? I’d love to hear from other people on this.

And also, what about the husband? He just left? I know its a burden, but you left?

So thanks, Arrival. I’ll have to take Nyquil to get some sleep tonight.


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