The ARRIVAL Movie Screwed Me Up

I just finished watching the fantastic movie, The Arrival, as opposed to the “what?” Charlie Sheen movie, The Arrival. (#winning.)

Now I’m messed up.


So if you’re reading past my warning, I take it you’ve seen the movie and if you haven’t, well, ok, if that’s your thing, you’re weird.

The Director plays with past, present and future like a gambler with trick dice. In other words, it looks like everything is on the up and up but he knows exactly what’s coming and you don’t.We’re just a big, dumb guest from out of town who just walked in and laid all of our money down on one throw.

If you’re one of those people who feels superior to others by saying “I saw it coming all along.”, not only are you lying, but I’m afraid the only gold star you are getting is going to be rolled up really tight and shoved in your UFHole.

The movie shows the future as flashbacks, where Amy Adams has a child who eventually dies of cancer.

Later in the movie, we learn that the aliens (by the way, aliens land) and as she works to understand their language, we find out time has no meaning to them and its brushing off on Amy. She sees visions which we believe are flashbacks, but instead, she can see the future, she’s just not aware of that until later.

Now, go ahead and enjoy all the rest of the movie. The cool aliens from The Mist, Forest Whitaker and Hawkeye from Avengers are all great.

I’m here to talk about two things.

  1. The movie will make you sad because here are aliens trying to give us a gift, the gift of time, and all we can do is think about weapons and war. While I realize these characters are there to make you feel upset, they aren’t far off from real people in power. It’s 2017 and by this point in our life, we should be smarter. We should be living the Star Trek future, but it seems Running Man is going to be the theme of our humanity.With the marches and riots going on right now, its hard to think we’ll move past this.
  2.  The choice. Amy Adams knows full well if she has a child, it will grow up and develop cancer, which kills her around 14, maybe 15 years old.

We see her loving and having fun with her daughter. She truly loves her and feels she made the right choice because she knows about the good times they will have.

There is also a scene where we find out Amy gets divorced because her husband leaves, not being able to take the news that their child will die soon. The child says, “Daddy doesn’t look at me the same anymore.”


My wife didn’t see the movie and I couldn’t really post spoilers all over Facebook, so here I sit, stewing in questions of “What would I do?”

You absolutely know that your child will die of cancer. Heart wrenching, painful cancer that slowly eats their body and soul.

Do you still have a child?

Isn’t that selfish of you? When you have a child and think about the good times, great, but did you have a child JUST for those times?

Or does the child appreciate it? Does the child live a full life? Do they truly enjoy life because the parent gives them everything possible?

I fall into the category of “No.”

There’s no way I could make a child go through all that pain just so I could have some good times.

Buy a puppy.

Don’t do that to a child.

Am I wrong? I’m not talking about aborting a child because you found out something was wrong. I’m talking about not even trying because you know the outcome.

Am I wrong? I’d love to hear from other people on this.

And also, what about the husband? He just left? I know its a burden, but you left?

So thanks, Arrival. I’ll have to take Nyquil to get some sleep tonight.


I’m back in Podcast Form !

After a long hiatus, I’m now back on the air and with the Pants Pending podcast Studios.

Amanda King co-hosts this episode where we discuss kids walking in at inappropriate times, terrible kid concerts, a return of Nearly News and more things you should expect if you ever go viral for the World to see. As always, this podcast is PG-13, so its safe for your older kids and pets.


Has It Really Come To This?

This is Barren Trump. The child of Donald Trump. This child has recently come under attack by people who have never met him and, from what I can tell, sold their soul for a keyboard and Internet connection.

You can make fun of Trump. You can make fun of Obama. These are adults and like all adults, should be able to take it, but once you start insulting and hating a 10 year old child, you are, in no uncertain terms, a person with no values, common sense or social skills.
You are, in my world, an Un-person. A person who exists, but in a world I don’t care or what any part of.
You’re not being funny. You’re not being edgy. You’re not being the cool person going against the grain.
I’ve seen the horrific things people say about my daughter, who have never even met her. They insult her with brutal statements, only to quickly delete any posts, like a coward, when confronted by me or someone who has to remind them that she is an actual person with feelings.
My daughter is one of the strongest people I know, because she takes a lot of crap from strangers because of me. It’s MY fault we went viral, yet she takes the brunt of the crude, savage attacks by people calling her “slut” or “attention hog”.
She takes those attacks and I’ve seen the effects on her.
Most every single person I’ve messaged and explained to them about who we are, back down, delete posts or say “sorry”, which is the only reason I still do the stupid things I do.
A good 98% of the people who see our posts, get it.
They see the fun we have. They understand and have the common sense and wisdom to see that we’re just a family having fun.
If at any point it became dangerous for her, I’d shut it all down in a heartbeat. Know that.
Having followers isn’t as important as the safety of your family.
This is what I’ve fought since June. This type of insulting by keyboard trolls. The feeling of anonymity when you’re behind a computer. How you can look at someone on a screen and not realize they are an actual person.
I’ve never said anything on the internet I wouldn’t say to someones face, yet a lot of people feel they are “allowed”. That they have a right to be mean. And they do. It’s their right to type what they want.
But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.
This is no different than the people who feel its ok to insult my daughter. The people insulting this child just for being in a certain family, I’m sure have never met him and would never speak to him like that to his face.
And if they actually did, well, my first statement stands.
You’re a person with no values, common sense or social skills. If that’s the way you want to live though, have at. Just don’t expect the rest of us to accept you as a normal human being.
If you dislike Trump, fine. Insult away. He’s an adult.
When you insult a child though, for just being a child?
It’s time to take a look at yourself and say, “Yeah, I COULD type that, but SHOULD I? Maybe I should just scroll on past and insult that chubby dad who dresses like his daughter. He’s an adult and can probably take it.”
#fightthegoodfight #selfiedad



Why Would You Post That?

Some of you may have seen a post I recently did from my instgram account with a “parent rant”, but then i deleted it soon after.
Now some have asked why.
Early this morning i was checking some comments on some photos/ videos i have posted. On one video that is my daughter singing, a rude comment was left.
I emailed this person, but not before i took a screenshot of their profile and their comment, then posted it under “parent rant” where i explained how there are REAL people behind each and every profile and photo.
Being mean or rude as you anonymously hide behind a computer isn’t right and it isn’t, shouldn’t, be normal.
I emailed this person about what they had done and the impact it could have.
He immediately emailed me back, explaining he was sorry and was having a rough week. Afterwards, we had a nice talk.
As soon as he understood there was a real person behind those photos, his attitude changed.
I deleted the screenshot because I thought it was unfair to this person to face any Internet mob, since they apologized and understood.
I won’t sit here and preach that I’ve never done it, but all this selfie thing has shown me, (especially reading the comment section in a Chewbacca Mom post. Geez, people. She laughed. Why so serious? ) that we need to understand, saying a personal video or photo someone posted of themselves, “sucks”, or “I’m just giving negative feedback so you know” or “this person can’t sing” or “your art needs a lot of work”, JUST KNOW, that “this person” may have posted it.
That “this person ” you’re talking about like they arent in the room, may be reading those comments.
That by posting something negative on THEIR creation, IT WILL BE READ.
It will be also be felt.
I also noticed earlier this week, a female friend posted a video and underneath, men were posting statements like “show me more”. ” show me your legs”.
Why is this ok? Why aren’t more people telling these cavemen that this is 2017 now?
We’re almost getting our own flying cars and people are going to land on Mars soon.
This strange way some people have of seperating real people and considering them almost like a character from a tv show, while also thinking there’s no problem posting obscene statements, needs to stop.
It’s not just people who may have some type of mental problems. It can be any person at any time.
Robots aren’t posting things out of the blue. REAL people are.
Real people with personal feelings and emotions.
(And those people are a HECK of a lot braver than others. I mean, who’s braver? Someone who creates something personal and posts it for the world to see or someone sitting in front of a computer screen all day, posting how bad they think it is?)
I’m not saying everyone needs to run around and start posting positive things all the time. You don’t have to be the one and only Smiling Internet Guru of Positivity.
Just know, you don’t have to post ANYTHING either.
There’s no law that says people are interested in everything you say.
I’ve looked. Trust me.
It’s very easy to see something, not like it and just keep on walking by.
Be it art, a photo or video. If it’s something positive someone has created, why tear it down?
It doesn’t work towards making you a better person or even making you feel better.
I know. I’ve been there too. Don’t fool yourself. People won’t think your cooler or smarter by “going against the grain” and being that one person who “bravely” says how something personal from you, isn’t good.
People hate that guy. They really do.
In this day of terrible role models who feel its ok to “grab women” or make fun of disabled people, we need to fight harder and more fiercely against these feelings and these types of people.
I’ve seen people made fun of for “white knighting” others.
We can’t be drug down into their level of “club them and drag them by the hair” mentality.
If you see something, say something.
Fight the good fight.

The Tick Is Back, But Is It Good?



I have always been a fan of The Tick. I’ve always loved the Superhero that wasn’t perfect.

Not flawed like, “My parents are dead” flawed, but just fun flawed. Like Mystery Men or Superior Foes of Spider Man.

Before you start screaming “REBOOT!! MY CHILDHOOD!!”, well, shut up and let me finish.

First off, Ben Edlund, the creator, is hands on for this new version. Even Patrick (The Original Tick) Warburton is on as a producer.

Now, I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to like this at all. I loved the original version, though short lived. It was world I would have loved to live in. It was also responsible for one of the greatest superheroes of all time, Batmanual, played beautifully by Nestor Carbonell, who’s only weakness was “soccer moms”.

I will admit though that the older version was built to be cancelled. It was slow in spots, partly meant only for true comic geeks and at times, felt like it was trying too hard, or actually, not hard enough.

Now that’s not a bad thing. Patrick Warburton was spot on perfect and the series itself had some absolute great episodes, but like I said, there was no way it was going to play to a giant audience like Seinfeld or Friends. As an example, my wife, who is not a comic reader,  loved it, but wouldn’t go out of her way to watch it. So neither would other “norms”.

Though we’re in a different age now. An age where Netflix can release an entire season of Daredevil to a paying audience. Where Paramount can release a Pay For Channel and launch it with a new Star Trek series. Also, let’s face it, it’s a great time to be a nerd with shows like Flash, Agents of Shield, Arrow, Supergirl and more. Not to mention Marvels Civil War and Suicide Squad taking all your summer money.

So Amazon Prime is trying out the tight spandex one more time as a new actor squeezes into the big blue bug suit.

Peter Serafinowicz is the new Tick and you probably don’t know who that is. Look, I don’t blame you. It’s a tough name to remember, but what if I quoted two lines from two different movies he’s been in, I bet you’d know immediately who I was talking about.

  1. It’s four in the f###ing morning!”
  2.  “What a bunch of A-holes

Yep, THAT guy. Shaun of the Dead’s roommate and also part of the Nova Corp.

It’s hard to like the guy considering the characters he’s played,  but here he does a good job and well, grows on you.

My only two real complaints about him is, it’s hard to look the part after Warburton nailed it, what with his square jaw and deadpan voice. Though he doesn’t look exactly like Warburton did, it feels like I’m pairing Keaton and Kilmer for the same roll. Peter Serafinowicz does an excellent job and his voice will definitely start to sound “Tick-Like”.


The other is the suit. It’s too bumpy and almost looks alien. It’s obviously an Executive decision to make it look “busy”, much like the yellow hose from nowhere hooked to the Ghostbusters belt in the first movie. No real explanation, just make it look busy for the camera.

Where the original version was slow or deadpan, this new one suffers from “movie update”. Remember when Star Trek the Next Generation went to film and the bridge looked darker? Or how about the X-Men gear in the first movie? No yellow spandex there.

Also, the show is indeed updated for an older audience. There’s a couple of curse words and adult themes, like Arthur’s mental state. Without spoiling anything, there’s a reason Arthur wants to be a superhero and it’s a pretty gruesome story. In fact, it deals with another superhero group and ” weaponized syphilis”. Now, Arthur takes medicine and suffers from an eye twitch. He still tries to be a superhero, but in a Casey Jones without his bats kind of way.


While the dialogue is fun, there are some some jokes that fall flat and some lulls in the plot, but never, ever judge a show by its plot.

Like I said, I didn’t want to like this show. I didn’t like the fact Tick would be darker and so different, but in the end, I was enjoying it.

So after all that, I will admit, I’m in.

I can’t wait to see what else Edlund and Serafinowicz have to offer.











Suicide Squad – Is It Worth It (spoiler free)


I’m going to save you a lot of reading.

I’ve been told I “push my optimism” on people. I prefer to like a movie going in. I don’t like being one of those people who sit there in the chair like a millionaire at a strip club telling the screen, “Impress me”.

I would rather go in thinking I’ll be entertained. While I believe most movies are made for the money, I mean, let’s face it, that’s what Hollywood runs on, I also believe a lot of people really try to make the best thing they can, so why dump on something you haven’t seen yet? It makes absolute no sense.

That said, let’s get into it.

Suicide Squad is basically the bad guys rescue the World, being the good guys, but of course, staying bad.

First, the Cons.

Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Diablo, Sorceress, Katana, Killer Croc and Slipknot, are all called in to save the World. Now, if you haven’t heard of any of those bad guys, you’re out of luck.

They try to introduce them well enough, but you better be a comic geek to catch everything they throw at you. If you want to see a good character intro that catches you up fast, look at the movie “Rundown” with The Rock. I mean, I read comics and I still don’t think I fully understand The Sorceress. Things are thrown at you with breakneck speed. From the credits, to the intros, to the scenes. In fact, at some points, the timing seems to feel like The Dark Knight Rises. You feel like you missed a scene or two.

The villain in the movie is pretty much a throw away. Instead of coming out strong with someone established like Avengers did with Loki or Ultron, DC plays it safe and gives you someone you don’t understand and don’t really care about.

The soundtrack is fun, but feels like its a “best of” cd you mixed together for a friend.

And Leto. I didn’t hate his Joker, but let’s face it. When Ledger came onto the screen, he owned the scene. You felt his presence even when he was quiet. Leto does a good job in certain scenes, where he does actually feel like he’s the Joker from the comics, but other times, if he’s on the screen too long, it feels like he’s acting. Like he’s stretching a joke that was already too thin.

My last complaint would be the enemy again. There’s just really no true plot. It’s like being dropped into the middle of a video game and has about the same heart. The countless, faceless drones our anti-heroes have to fight through are less interesting than a group of stormtroopers.

Now, let’s look at the Pros.

Yes, Robbie kills it. There’s some great moments there. Some really touching ones also, which surprised me, but there’s no doubt, she’s the savior of this movie. Smith does his best per usual and it’s nice to see him being Will Smith and not the drone from After Earth.

One thing I think that will be fun is seeing who people end up liking after seeing the movie. While I wanted to like Harley, I came out liking Captain Boomerang more. There’s something for everyone and a character for everyone.

Kids will enjoy the movie because the plot is as easy to follow as a line of candy on the ground to a witch’s house. There’s plenty of throw away lines to quote and enough to keep people entertained. It’s the opposite of Batman v Superman, where too much plot was thrown in. Here, it seems like not enough, but let’s face it, this is Cannonball Run, not Ocean’s 11.

So all in all, is it worth seeing? Yes. I think its a fun summer time, shoot ’em up. Just make sure you like DC and it’s universe. This isn’t Iron Man, whereas I could have taken my dad, who knows nothing of comics.

It’s not a perfect movie by any means, but at least it looks like DC is slowly getting a handle on fixing their universe.

Here’s hoping Wonder Woman steps it up even further.

This movie is for the geeks who know, at least enough to answer their friends’ questions after the movie.


How To Unite The Ghostbusters Universe In 1 Easy Lesson

The following contains spoilers from the Ghostbusters 2016 version.



I won’t begin to get into the love/hate  relationship some have with the new movie. I personally loved it, but one of the main complaints was that the original cast wasn’t plying their characters.

Well, I’m here to say, what if they were?


In the latest movie, in an after credits scene, Penny is listening to a reel to reel recording when she stops and asks her colleagues, “Who’s Zuul?”

From Ghostusters Wiki :(Zuul was a minion of Gozer ) An obscure deity, Gozer the Destructor’s earliest known appearance was in Mesopotamia around 6000 BC and was worshiped by both the Hittites and Mesopotamians. It rose to prominence in Sumeria thousands of years later. During that time, various cults arose to worship it and in a short time, developed their own hierarchy and system of ritual magic. By the 4th millennium B.C. the Gozer Worshipers, or “Gozerians” consisted of a large Sumerian sub-culture and was engaged in a long, protracted war with the followers of Tiamat. Eventually Gozer and its followers were defeated and Tiamat banished Gozer from this world.

I want you to pay particular attention to that last sentence. “From this World”.


(the following is merely a guess and an idea to bring together both Ghostbusters franchises while not having to change a single thing.)

So lets toss this out.

You’re a God. You’ve been worshiped by thousands. You were famous. A God.

Now you were just destroyed by four blue collar workers? Humans? Who used to worship you?

Needless to say, you’d be a little upset.

Since it was never shown that Gozer was actually destroyed, since the “door swings both ways” then there’s no reason to suspect Zuul was destroyed either. Both could have simply been “pushed” out of our realm.

Now that said, if this were true, you’re sitting around in another dimension. Fuming, defeated and humiliated.

So you hatch a plan. Get back at the World that defeated you. You’re GOZAR for crying out loud! No one does that to you!


So what do you do?

You humiliate them right back.

So you go back in time. Easily enough for a Demi God.

You find the four men responsible and ruin them. You go back through different dimensions and the past and find a way to stop them first.

  1. Spengler: has since passed away, so we can never truly know his past, but we can still consider him a famous professor hence the bust in the hallway.
  2. Stanz: Make him a simple taxi cab driver. Take away his past as a scientist.
  3. Venkman: Make him an actual debunker of the supernatural. The field he used to defeat you.
  4. Zeddemore: Without the Ghostbusters franchise, he never joined.

This would explain several things.

  1. Why the World doesn’t remember the first battle.
  2. Why a simple cab driver would know what a Class 5 is.
  3. Why Penny’s “Uncle” would just happen to deal with the dead.
  4. Why the logo was still in some peoples minds.
  5. Why Janine was still answering phones? (Maybe a cruel idea from Zuul?)

So where’s Tully, you ask, scoffing at what I’ve listed so far.

Well, quit simply, he was not allowed to live because he was mostly responsible for the defeat by not finding the Gate Keeper fast enough.

So know you’ll say, Burr, their names were different.

Yes, yes they were. To conceal what happened even more. Who’s to say they were even from the same parents anymore? Who knows what Gozar screwed with? Or who’s to say Gozar did it?

Here’s another WHAT IF….

What if Zull was behind it all? Just simply trying to get into good graces with its master once again?

“Look, sir/madam. Look what I did to the puny humans.” – Zuul

So now you have a new team show up. Another four humans interested in eliminating the supernatural.

Unbelievable. Won’t these humans ever die?

So now, Zuul comes back…..

Enter sequel.

With this idea, nothing has to change. A simple throw away line from the Demi God about screwing with timelines is all fans would need to feel the movies are linked.

Much like Star Trek did with its Kelvin timeline. Everything is new, but we can still remember the old and assume, it actually happened.

Just let it sink in.

And then, answer the call,